Learn effective and safe technique for a flexible and healthy spine. 

We offer an online course promising results.

Spine Balance Massage Therapy is the result of more than 10 years of development and practice, but you can master  it in just three weeks. You will acquire all the tools you need to perform Spine Balance Massage Therapy 

on a professional level.


Basic anatomy, effects, benefits, indications and contraindications.

Step by step massage procedure.

More than 20 new movement techniques.

You will know how to use your body correctly .

You will be able to perform 1 hour Spine Balance Massage Therapy.

Special KNOW-HOW techniques for excellent results.



The course is divided into 3 sections so you can take your time for each one and improve your skills.


1st section: you will receive it at the time of purchase

2nd section: you will receive it 7 days after the purchase

3rd section: you will receive 14 days after the purchase



2.090 NZ$

Money back guarantee

   On-demand videos 

   Study material and course notes

   Full unlimited access to content and updates

   Access to our store with marketing material

   Client record sheet

   Exercises to strengthen spinal muscles

   Certificate of Completion with your name

You will need to be able to open Pdf. files to access the manuals and supplementary materials.

The video content shows full Spine Balance Massage recorded in a pleasant relaxed environment with

simple and detailed instructions and a description of each movement for easy understanding of professional techniques.

This course is intended for professionals or those who, with a little practice, would like to use it for personal use. 


Spine Balance techniques derives from knowledge of manual therapy, manual spinal correction, general physiology, neuroscience and biomechanics - specialized methods that require more knowledge than what massage therapists can usually offer. In order to expand that knowledge, Spine Balance Massage has been developed to include safe massage methods. It is the upgrade of every spinal massage you know.


Unique, effective and safe movements.

Massage is done through a towel or other natural materials.

Gentle, stabilized, deep movements release the muscles and joints

of the spine, pelvis and shoulders.​


Increases intervertebral lymph and blood circulation. 

Increases oxygen supply to the spinal discs.

Eliminate toxins from the metabolism.

Improves flexibility of intervertebral, pelvic and shoulder joints.

Improves body posture.

Relaxes muscles of the spine.

Reduces or eliminates pain.

Accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues along the spine​.

Upgrade the knowledge of classical massages.

The course is comprehensive and detailed.

The curriculum has been endorsed and reflects best practice.

As opposed to a live course, you can take as much time as you need to master massage techniques.

Earn income doing something you love.

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