Get your Spine back!

Spine Balance Program is a holistic program - a set of different approaches and techniques used

to restore strength of the body and mind. 

We offer courses and workshops for professional massage therapists.

Become a Spine Balance Therapist and offer your clients the best treatments. 

"Therapist is the one who is giving, and you are the one who is receiving. 

I wouldn't let just anyone

to be my therapist."

Anja P. founder and owner of

Spine Balance Program


"We have to nourish spine like we nourish our face."

Anja P. founder and owner of Spine Balance program


It is a safe form of therapy for effective results!

With Spine Balance Massage™ you can help anyone with any problem associated with the spine.


It can also be performed for those who do not yet have any specific spinal problem but want to improve flexibility, strength and spinal health

Spine Balance Massage™ is the result of a 10-year research about individuals response to physical blockage release, 

mind-body connection and most importantly,

the exploration of massage patterns and mind techniques for maximum results that clients can receive from the therapist.

Spine Balance massage course is designed for massage therapists, physiotherapists,...


"We usually start to look for solutions when things are already bad."

Anja P. founder and owner of Spine Balance program

The Spine Balance Program™ has been established in 2013.


Although techniques and processes (KNOW-HOW)

have been developing since 2006. 

Due to the excellent results we decided to share and expand our knowledge among massage therapists,

manual therapists and to everyone whom spinal health is important.

Christchurch, New Zealand

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