Spine Balance includes holistic techniques for relaxing tension and blockages, improving

flexibility of muscles and spine ligaments, eliminating toxins, increasing blood and lymph circulation, regenerating muscles around vertebra and enabling vertebra, muscles, discs to heal,

regenerate, recover themselves.

We are made to heal ourselves only if we have all the conditions. Each vertebra’s muscle and

ligament should be flexible, free of stress, provided with food and toxins free - HEALTHY.

Two ingredients are very important in all Spine Balance™ services: KNOW-HOW and massage techniques.


The foundation of all Spine Balance services is a unique

KNOW-HOW holistic process.

Know how teaches how to achieve the best results regardless of gender, age, physical capacity. It teaches how to approach the client correctly,

how to spot key blockages,

how to avoid wasting your energy during massage, and more.


The techniques of each therapies and massage vary according to the service and the level of knowledge.

Movements derives from techniques, which we upgraded (classical Chinese therapies, manual therapies, lymphatic drainage, myofascial massages, compression massages, cupping therapies) and

new movements of Spine Balance Massage Techniques™ (organs massage, spinal massage).

The goal of Spine Balance program™ is to spread awareness around the importance of spinal nourishing.




Anja P. founder and owner of Spine Balance Program

Since 2013, techniques have been constantly developing. For the last two years, we have been actively developing an Spine Balance massage™ course, which is the foundation to all other therapies.

With the knowledge of Spine Balance Massage,

therapists will be able to offer to their customers a comprehensive and professional treatment with results.

Christchurch, New Zealand

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